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Photography has always been something I’ve been passionate about. I was 16 when my father took me up to the mountains, put a camera in my hands, and told me “Take the best picture you can.” That was the beginning for me. My life has gone through some extraordinary changes. There have been some rough patches, yet photography has been a constant through it all. I am fortunate to have family and friends, who have willingly been models, and allowed me to learn more about the art through them. I adore having a good time and laughing with everyone I work with. I’m a firm believer in the motto “Don’t take life too seriously.”  

A little about my personal life… I am a mom to two adorable children, Ethan and Isaac. I am the wife of the most wonderful man I have ever met, Jonathan Mulhauser. We have the cutest family you could possibly imagine, and I’ve always felt that family is the most important thing there is. I am the youngest of 5 others (and the cutest, although they won’t admit to it.) My parents have worked hard throughout their lives, and because of it, have given me this opportunity to discover and achieve my dream. My mother stays at home to watch after her grand babies, and my Popales (Dad) works hard at Home Depot. He is the one who has inspired me to pursue my dream of being a renowned photographer… A Denver Family Photographer. I am lucky, and I am blessed, to have the wonderful people that I do, in my life. 

Upsteet Studios is family-owned and operated in the greatest wood ever, the Lakewood, CO. Since we opened our doors in 2006, every customer has been treated like family, because when you come through our doors, you become family. There may be other companies out there that offer similar services, but none of them will offer the personal touch that we do when it comes to your family portraits. When you come to Upstreet Studios, you can expect only the best. 

UpStreet Studios  |  Lakewood, Colorado  |  rachael@upstreetstudios.com  |  303.704.2734

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